5 effective ways to get SoundCloud followers

Getting noticed on SoundCloud is not an easy task but it is not impossible. There are a lot of tactics that help you to grab the attention of the people on this biggest platform. However, buying SoundCloud followers is an instant way to get your music in front of more people, follow this guide to get more followers or plays on SoundCloud. Let’s get into it!

Use tags to attract more listeners:

Tag the relative descriptive terms when you release your new track because when the users click on those tags, your track will show up in the search results. You can include the title of your track, artist name, the genre of music and name of record labels in the tags.

  • You can add the name of instruments or equipment to record the song as tags. Even you can describe the mood of your song as a tag.
  • The tag list might look like this #hiphop #recordsbeats #twist #electronic #rapmusic etc.

Invite users to share your music in the descriptions of the song:

It is so simple to get what you want by asking others to follow you and invite the users to share your music. At the end of your song’ description, say something like, if you like this song, be sure to like, repost and follow. Your listeners will likely to do the same.

  • Add the clickable link to your popular track or profile somewhere that make it easy for your listeners to copy and paste it.
  • Don’t forget to show some love and gratitude to your loyal subscribers and new listeners for their interest and kind support. Courtesy goes a long way when it comes to the building following.

Make your tracks available for download:

If you want to get more followers on SoundCloud then make your tracks available for download. In order to enable the downloading option, go to the permission tab on your posted track and check the enable download option. This way, your listeners can save your tracks to their device and play them whenever they want.

  • If you are standard users then you can entitle 100 free downloads per track. For pro accounts, you can get 1000 downloads and pro unlimited users can enjoy unlimited downloads on the entire music library.

Buy Soundcloud followers:

Buying Soundcloud followers is the easiest way to get tons of followers or plays in no time. It is a hassle-free way that saves your time and efforts when it comes to increasing more followers on your Soundcloud account.

Upgrade to a Pro account:

Next up is to upgrade to a pro account that makes it easier for you to get more plays, likes and follows over time. Moreover, you can also access some exclusive features such as spotlight which let the artists display their best tracks at the top of their profile.

  • Take a step further and go for a pro unlimited account where you can see where your tracks are being reposted on the internet and where your followers and listeners are located.