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The 8 VPS Hosting Providers in 2020?

VPS hosting is one of the most effective ways to host a website. Join us as we review the nine suppliers that are best.When starting a web site, many people turn to a fundamental shared hosting service — but as your website grows, so will its needs.That’s when it is time to start looking at using a virtual private server (VPS).A VPS is a step up from shared hosting. You still discuss a server (the computer that makes your website available to visitors online) with different sites, but there are much fewer websites using that server.

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VPS providers usually earn more system resources accessible to readers, so your website should be quicker and much more responsive. On top of this, if you experience traffic spikes — perhaps during a sales event, or following a significant news story breaks about your website — VPS tools can expand to meet with your site’s new demands.

The thing is, there are tons of VPS providers out there, and choosing the best VPS best dedicated server hosting uk supplier is a difficult call. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research for you to determine which VPS services are the ideal. What type of plans do they provide? What is their performance like? And do they provide very good help and support?

Our 8 Finest VPS Hosting Providers Supply:

InMotion — Best overall VPS hosting provider.

Bluehost — Greatest attributes.

IPage — best for client services.

HostGator — best for reliability.

HostPapa — Best RAM and storage area.

GoDaddy — Finest for additional features.

DreamHost — Best bandwidth.

Hosting Comparison Chart — Compare the hosting providers side-by-side and determine which one works for you.

The best VPS hosting providers

Side-by-side VPS hosting comparison








How can you choose the right VPS hosting provider?

8 finest VPS hosting suppliers: Conclusion

The best VPS hosting suppliers: FAQs

The best VPS hosting providers

The very best VPS hosting providers are the ones which meet your requirements. That may sound silly, but it is true. Finding the VPS plan means like price, features, support.

All our top 9 providers have their own unique selling point. So let’s have a closer look and see if its service seems just like what you’re looking for, VPS hosting isn’t a solution.

If your website includes lots of web pages or high-quality articles, providers with a great deal of storage space must be a priority. Likewise, if you’re on a budget or need a lot of help, suppliers with support and pricing ought to be prioritized.


InMotion is the top dog when it comes to VPS hosting. It gives features, at a reasonable price, and support, reasonable uptime. InMotion also came of our research for hosting, making it the perfect provider update to or to start with.

InMotion VPS Hosting

InMotion is your top-rated provider for both Shared and VPS hosting.

A2 Hosting serves up its own VPS plans with a friendly smile and valuable advice. It’s ideal for hosting novices, with support service and an intuitive aid along with a anyhow guarantee.

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting is known for its customer support, therefore it’s one to remember if you’re a total hosting novice.


If you have not built your website nonetheless, Bluehost is the sole VPS hosting provider that offers you a free domainname, indefinitely. Its selling point is the quality of its features which comprises up to 8GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores, and email accounts.

Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers on the market.


IPage has pretty good customer support, offering 24/7 live chat and phone service, an in-depth knowledge center and service tickets. Its features are also pretty good, using an SSL certificate completely free site copies and included.

There’s no denying iPage offers cheap prices, but you do sacrifice rate for them.


HostGator is the master of hosting. It came out with the very best hosting score from our research. When appearing at VPS hosting in isolation it is not quite as masterful, but it is definitely no slouch. With good aspects and any provider’s best uptime, you could do a lot worse.

HostGator VPS Hosting

HostGator offers the best all-around hosting service, and its own VPS hosting is worth considering.


HostPapa does not come cheap, but no other supplier can equal its capacity.

Hostpapa VPS Hosting

HostPapa looks great on the outside, but be wary of the expensive renewal costs.