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Servers: Amount of delegated SPVs. This choice applies in the event that you have contracted an SPV plan (not included with the Multi-account program ).

Daily imports: Amount of daily shipments configured for the assigned SPV (s).Monthly shipments: Number of monthly imports configured for the assigned SPV (s).



Database: Amount of available databases.

Space: Space available for databases.

In all cases, it is possible to display a value other than the one actually assigned with the”Show” field


Steam gridhost webmail : Publish this option for all your aims.

Windows Server Gridhosting: Coming Soon …

SSH: To include the SSH access service into the account.

PHP: Activates the processing of php documents for your plan

ASP: Activate it only in case the accounts hosted from the program will use ASP technology. Coming shortly .NET also accessible from your control panel.

CGI-BIN: Enables the scripts found in this folder to be processed.

HTTP status codes: Define specific activities for the different HTTP states (403, 404, 500, etc.).

503, authentication Is Needed to use this service

If you get the message:”503 authentication is needed to use this support (# 5.5.1)” when attempting to send an email, it’s normal that you have an incomplete configuration of your email client.

When sending mails via SMTP, your client must offer the authentication information (username and password). By default many email clients do not send them for this reason our servers reject the connection.

To address this problem, you merely have to activate the sending of said data.

What do I Want to publish a webpage on the Internet?

3 Major elements are needed:

An Internet Domain;

A Webhosting accounts;

An FTP client (Internal or external).

The usage of an FTP client is extremely straightforward and gives us lots of control over that which we publish and what we don’t wish to do. Each program attributes and has its own usage and they are found by us in different formats: paid and free.

It is highly suggested to opt for the customer based on our own needs and understand that we’ll only be able to use an FTP client when we’ve acquired some knowledge concerning the structure and management of a website.

The best method to utilize them, however, is comparable in most and it will be very simple to comprehend being that an FTP account provides us access to a sort of web folder. It functions like a Windows folder, in which we copy, delete, modify or rename files at our choice. We could also create, modify or delete internal directories.

In ElServer.com, for example, once inside our FTP we’ll see a number of folders. One of them, there is a call”htdocs”. Within this folder is where those files we want to be published online (our website, files generally, videos, audio, etc.) ought to be published or copied.

By way of instance, if within / htdocs / (such as its nomenclature), we create the movies directory, our inner path would be indicated as / htdocs / videos /. This will be accessible online via http://www.dominio.com/videos/.

If we place our documents directly in / htdocs / (also referred to as root or root), they can be accessed from http://www.domain.com/.

The Steam installment asks me to possess the register_global = off parameter.

Many people needing to install Drupal get a message that tells us we must have the parameter’register_global = off’ to stick to the installation. In these cases, the solution is that from your control panel in the”Advanced> Web Server Setup” tab, then activate the version of php5 with all the configuration”eAccelerator + Zend (recommended)” which includes the changeable register_globals = off.

I attempt to use Pear’s courses and they don’t work for me

This happens because the vast majority of PEAR classes are installed on PHP5. What they should do to fix it would be to go to the Advanced tabWeb server configuration> Alter and select PHP5. Accepting it will take a max of two hours to apply.

Outlook”Error processing required tasks”

The problem is that the capacity of this outlook express things, the

Shop messages and Thus it does not Allow the mail leave the outbox

Since it cannot be found in the sent ones. You Have to delete

Mails from the sent tray, or enter the view folder and

Delete the file of sent items directly.

How do I configure my mailbox on a Blackberry?

To set up your email accounts on a Blackberry phone, follow the steps below:

Input”Mail Settings”.

Select”Add an email address”.

On the next screen, put in your account password and address set in the control panel of your account. Click on”Next” to continue.


Select the”provide extra configuration” option to load the mail service host info.

Select POP / IMAP and click on”Next”

In Email Server, input imap.yourdomain.com. In User Name, the complete email address you’re currently registering.



If everything went well, you will understand the configuration screen from where you’ll be able to produce additional settings on the account.

Recall that for sending mails you need to use the service provided by your telephone operator.