How To Get Crazy Instagram views In 6 Brilliant Ways!

It is every Instagrammer dream to have crazy traffic driven to their videos, but how are you going to drive massive traffic to your videos? Getting Instagram views to your videos or posts is not the real question is how are you going to do it?

How to get crazy page views, 6 brilliant ways

  • Advertise your videos and posts:

Yes, when you launch your videos, advertise it, this is one of the ways you can get you Instagram viewed by millions of people, you can do this by, Instagram advertising or you can get Instagram views from this link to increase views. All these are very good ways you can build your brand, attract visitors and get your content in front of very many people.

  • Be social:

You may create the best content but it will be of no use if no one is viewing it, how are going to get it in front of people, use your other social media channels to promote your content too with Instagram, such as Facebook is the most effective social media platform to promote your content.

  • Take time to reply comments on your blog

If someone has taken time to comment on your post, what do you lose when you reply that person, actually a mistake normally made by very many Instagrammers is to ignore comments, and many of them are always questions that need you to answer, so if you ignore that question in the comment section, the one who posted it to you will feel ignored and may not come back to your Instagram page any more, don’t you see you are losing the traffic. Think twice!

  • Give freebies to your visitors

As an Instagrammer you should know that people love free things, I mean who doesn’t love free stuff, have a giving heart, you can provide free giveaways, free eBook, or any other free thing you think your audience will eventually love. In this case, you are gaining more trust from your already viewers and this may prompt them to refer their friends to your Instagram account.

  • Get Ideas from your audience

Engage your followers, ask them their problems, what they love and what they expect from you. You can send them DM asking them to answer these questions or even write an Instagram posts ask them to answer these in the comment section. In this case, you will only produce content that is really what they wanted from you.

  • Understand your audience

You just got the Ideas to post from your audience, this is one thing that helps you to understand your audience. The other thing you can do to understand your audience is to search for Instagram groups or pods in your niche, see what they post, see the questions they ask, in this case, build up a post from these Ideas.

With these, in mind, you will be able to get a lot of views to your post or video.