How to recover a dissatisfied customer from a real estate

The loss of an unsatisfied customer of a real estate company affects all sectors equally. It is a common problem that all professionals who work for the public have to face. In this article we will explain the best real estate sales techniques used in Park View City islamabad to recover them.

Despite being something we share with other businesses, it is still frustrating to see how some of our clients stop trusting.

The evaluation of the possible failures that we have been able to commit, and propose solutions, are the best way to prevent it from happening again.

What happened?

The reasons can be of various kinds, and we will not always be the cause of this situation. However, there are a number of common reasons for customers and sectors that allow a first approximation of what has really happened.

How to rescue a dissatisfied customer from a real estate

1.  The customer has found the same service for less price

Given the current offer of real estate services, it is normal that the competition has taken some customer. However, it is convenient to know if our services are communicated so that customers perceive the quality we offer.


Make sure that in contacts with customers you communicate the benefits of your real estate marketing clearly. That way you will avoid hearing phrases like “I didn’t know you could do that too.” It is also recommended that  all the services you offer be available on your real estate website as we have clearly mentioned on our website Sky Marketing that offers plots for sale in Islamabad.

2.  The customer feels that the quality has gone down

The human being tends to accommodate by nature. That’s why he always wants more. It is part of our work to make him see that his opinion matters to us and that we dedicate resources to make the improvements continuous.


Loyalty to active customers with discounts and promotions. They will feel that you are offering them a benefit by being a loyal customer.

3.  You have had problems with customer service

It is inevitable that discrepancies arise in dealing with our customers. The opposite would be to deny reality. Therefore, the real estate agent who serves a client before, during and after the purchase, must be highly qualified. That way you will avoid high dropout rates.


Form the customer service team.

What can we do?

It is not a mere matter of prestige, the implications of losing a client are dramatic for our real estate business:

  • You can make negative comments of the company and generate bad brand image.
  • You can drag other dissatisfied customers.
  • It triggers the cost of capturing a customer, since if we lose a customer, we need to look for another.

Possible solutions do not always have to start with an apology, in fact, to empathize with the dissatisfied customer of a real estate company, the ideal is to open a dialogue that helps connect.

Other ways to recover dissatisfied customers is to seek some form of compensation. In fact, 92% of users would be willing to trust the brand again if it provides an incentive.

Incentives, the best way to fix differences

Incentives, which do not have to be expensive. Surprising to know that 63% of those who abandoned the brand, would be satisfied with a formal apology from some position of responsibility.

Another 52% would be willing to rectify their position if a discount were offered. And 49% would think about it if they were guaranteed that steps will be taken to solve the problem.

How to avoid it in the future?

The key to not having to reach this situation is prevention. If in the future you want not to have to make an effort to recover a customer, you can take actions like these:

  • Improve training and take a real estate agent course on: how to recover customers who are dissatisfied with my services.
  • Focus all your strategy on the customer and their satisfaction.
  • Establishes quality control protocols such as post-sale questionnaires.
  • Make current customer loyalty campaigns, with discounts, promotions, exclusive offers and preferential treatment.
  • Create customer service plans to channel potential problems.

In short, avoiding losing a customer is the best of real estate sales techniques, since all the effort made to capture it and keep it true to the brand is lost with it. Find a way to connect with your needs and you will never have to regret your loss.

And what techniques do you use to recover an unsatisfied customer in your real estate? We would love to hear your expert opinion in the comments. We will wait for you!