How to Use Instagram’s Hyperlapse for Your Marketing


Any company present on social networks must practice a technology watch to learn continuously about the news of its sector, and this for the sole purpose of being the best in its field. We are in an Era of innovation and it is therefore essential to use all the tools that the web world can offer us to innovate and make its presence online even stronger.

Speaking of tools, you are not unaware that Instagram launched last August its new application “Hyperlapseā€¯ on iOS (the arrival of Hyperlapse on Android is still waiting). And after the photos and videos of short duration, the team of Instagram had the brilliant idea to propose to its users the creation of accelerated videos. Making your videos even more attractive and beautiful is now possible.

But what is the particularity of this application? A Hyperlapse is a time-lapse, that is to say, an accelerated video, but unlike the time-lapse, the Hyperlapse is accompanied by a displacement of the point of view. We often find this kind of productions for fast changes of landscapes, sunrises and sunsets or for sports activities

What has always been a problem in this kind of practice is the balance of your phone when you shoot. And this is where the strength of Hyperlapse lies since it offers a stabilization function that uses the motion detector iPhone to overcome the stability problems. In this way, you will have very good results simply by holding your phone in your hand.

With Hyperlapse, you can save up to 45 minutes of video and then accelerate the video up to 12x times to get a 3 minute 45 movie. Then everything is saved to your phone in the format 16/9 in HD or Full HD depending on the model. And in the pure spirit of Instagram, the application is very simple to use. The user is then free to publish it on Instagram or Facebook, his parent company.

This kind of videos is very popular with the general public and professionals, and to do without to propose a new type of content to his Instagram followers would be a pity. Being equipped with hi-tech equipment is not mandatory to make your video Hyperlapse, you can now easily create through this application. Let’s discover 7 ways to use the app for your business.

Show an overview of an experience

One of the best ways to get people to join your community is to give them an idea of the experience that awaits them. Some activities are sometimes unclear in the eyes of people, and it is, therefore, your duty to deliver an early experience through a video Hyperlapse for example. Some companies have more difficulty than others in presenting their products or services, which makes sense.

Take the example of the first vignette, that of a Norwegian travel agency that shows potential tourists how the city of Copenhagen is pedestrian and convenient for pedestrians and cyclists. Or an entertainment park such as Disneyland that gives an overview of its attractions and the great atmosphere. The last Hyperlapse shows the surroundings of a baseball stadium in San Francisco.

In short, as you can see, there are many opportunities available to all. It’s up to you to give mouth water to your visitors!