RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad

ravpower wireless charger

When it comes to wireless there seems to be mainly Two classes. Ther are those that love wireless there are those that do not care about it. Both sides have good points and that is since wireless charging is a method to change our smartphones because there are. With charging technologies such as Power Delivery and Quick Charge being harmonious with smartphones on the current market, wireless don’t compare well at all.

ravpower wirelesscharger

This RAVPower wireless charger stand is one of the most Wireless that is useful chargers available on the market. That’s because it’s a excellent form factor and it will have some wireless charging that is going to be helpful for charging compatible smartphones as quickly as possible although it might not feature Quick Charge speeds.

That it is RAVPower, from a brand.




Output Charging:


Using a wireless charger is easy, just put your Smartphone in addition to the charger and continue with your daily life, and there aren’t any charging wires that you must place on your smartphone. Nevertheless, unless you have the right smartphone that’s compatible with the right technician, as easy as they are supposed to use, charging speeds are their principal flaw. This RAVPower wireless charger is essentially just that.


Samsung smartphones are compatible with Quick Wireless Charging in a 10W power output or 5V/2.0A in terms of charging rate. This wireless charger includes Quick Wireless and may, therefore, charge Samsung smartphones in their Wireless charging speeds that are max. Just remember, we’re talking about wireless charging just if you would like to charge your newest Samsung Galaxy S8 at its real max charging speed, then you have to use a Quick Charge interface using a charging cable.


Other devices that this charger caters IPhone X along with also the iPhone 8. That is because this charger can charge both of them in a 7.5W power output, or 5V/1.5A. The standard charging rate that all other types of Qi-compatible smartphones receive from that charger is 5V/1.0A.


Overall, if you own Samsung smartphone or iPhone that is Compatible with Qi charging, and then this charger is going to be useful. Nevertheless, if you possess an Android smartphone which is not Samsung but remains Qi compatible, then you might want to think about obtaining a different charger for this wireless charger features a top price point for this reason and also because it comes with a Quick Charge wall charger.


Input Charging:


A input port is used by this RAVPower wireless charger And you must utilize a Quick Charge wall sockets to power it to be able to possess the output. About buying this charger the part is that it includes a charging cable and a Quick Charger wall.




Size and Weight:


The size of the charger is small, but at the same Time, since it’s a stand it is large enough and evident enough that it is actually better for the user experience. It has a height of 5 inches, and the width/depth of this charger is 2.8 inches. Placing your smart phone is great as there is enough distance which you could set and forget about it.


Functional Components:


Applying this charger is quite Simple, as once it is powered, you Can place your smartphone vertically or horizontally on this charger and It charge your smartphone. Because they’re two charging coils that’s That are used. One in the bottom.