SUFFUSE Sana Yasir Online Store In Pakistan

freesia eid edition collection

After I first saw Suffuse’s Freesia Eid collection 2019 I had been thrilled. That finally the designers are currently creating a collection to appeal to the masses. I had some money saved and set aside”Kyun k saal men ek acha jora to banta hai”. And considering their price range–unstitched upto Rs: 20,000 and stitched upto Rs: 25,000– I thought I can manage it.

freesia eid edition collection

At first, I couldn’t get my hands on their dresses since they have sold out so fast. But after some times they stated they are currently restocking and I thought this is my chance. Somehow I was able to buy. The shocker came after they charged me shipping price. How could a shipping fee charge on an dress? When we purchase from Sapphire or even Khaadi they waive their shipping fee after a certain amount and this amount is as less as 1500 RS Recall!

And the second shocker came when the next day that my bank charged me an additional 2500 RS as a currency tax.

Can somebody explain it to me that why companies working from Pakistan are operating their sites in bucks? And there is not any choice to switch the money since the website is of a brand that is Pakistani? Most of the sites I know of have the choice of converting cash into pounds or dollars or rupees contemplating their distinct clientele. But Suffuse is currently working in dollars rather than in PKR? These businesses then should not be allowed to operate from Pakistan when they don’t cater to the needs of their clients that were Pakistani and head you! Including the majority of their clients!!

In sum, I received my dress– Norah dressed –which was initially priced in 24,500 in almost 2700 Rs!! Beware, people!! All these are the fees!

No matter I waited for my dress though my souls are dampened by all of this. I called them around Eid to ask that when they send my dress they stated the things that were restocked will be delivered by them after June and Eid was on 5th June!! I said they answered it had been mentioned on the website and why did not you already mentioned this. Another tragedy had befallen me!! What is an Eid collection if you are not supposed to wear it on Eid’s point? This was really a sad state of affairs!

At this moment I was angry and angry but managed to remain patient. And at the first week of July, my dress came after this hassle. Forgetting what when I did and I looked forward to opening the box, there was something off about the dress. It was not beautiful as on Instagram. But why was it looking like a replica of the original dress? Yes! That was off about the dress! It was original but looked like a copy instead!! Yes, I understand actual dress constantly tend to differ from the images but I was not expecting a designer apparel to be that under expectations!

The fabric of the trousers was very low quality and the dupatta looked like purchased from a Pathan at a neighborhood industry. The Koti’s cloth was also substandard.

Suffuse freesia volume 2, suffuse yard 2019

The stitching of freesia by Suffuse collection dress was pathetic! The dress’ armhole was wide so the final result could be observed from the pictures and that of Koti was little

Suffuse by sana yasir yard 2019

Suffuse by sana yasir celebration wear, freesia by suffuse

Many beads and stones have fallen from the dress and the embellishments were loosely sewn in that my mom had to sew sequins firmly on the dress !

Suffuse freesia volume two, suffuse lawn 2019

In the long run, my mom asked me, Was it worth 27 thousand and this much hassle? I answered No! These designers charge for solutions, stitching, and their impeccable layouts! However, if these are not up to the mark then what’s the point of charging too much? These designers are only a fraud, their money can’t throw away like this! Dear fellows think before purchasing from those branded thugs!!

Suffuse by Sana Yasir was a huge disappointment!